I Dare You…

12 Jun

Dare to be different; life is so full
Of people who follow the same push-and-pull
Poor,plodding people who, other than name
Try to pretend they are exactly the same

God made men different; there never will be
A replica soul made of you or of me
The charm……..the glory of all creation
Rests on this very deviation

Your charm…..your own glory, too
Lies in being uniquely you…..
Lies in being true to your best
That part of you different from all of the rest.

Author – Unknown

 I’m constantly reminded of why it is that I love Second Life so much.   And its an easy answer.. There are few virtual “games” that give you as much choice to make the virtual you so unique and different.   The possibilities are endless.  You can be anything from an adorable animal to a vicious vampire and anything and everything in between.  For the most part I’m a normal girl… But my wardrobe can take me on any trip I desire for the day.  I’ve been anything from a steam punk cyborg to a dolled up diva.   I absolutely love it.   I’ve often referred to playing SL as virtual barbies for grown ups.   *snicker*   Barbie and Ken eat your hearts out.   But all the fun and fashion isn’t my answer for what I enjoy most about the whole Second Life experience.   It’s the people!  On any given day you can talk to people as close as down the street to people 4,457ish miles away and further.  I’ve been so blessed with the friends I’ve made in Second Life.  They make life brighter by leaps and bounds.  And just when you think..hmmmm I’ve not met any new friends in a while a new one shows up out of the blue!   Ain’t Second Life grand!   So if I could dare you to do anything… I dare you to reach out… make a new friend today! 

And the outfit I Dared to wear….

Hair – Exile Jenna – twilight
Skin – -Belleza- Jesse Sunkiss
Face Piercings – *Cobrahive* Bijoux Piercing
Necklace and Bracelet – – .HoD. –  Mercenary Women’s Set (necklace) and The Prayer of Forgiveness Bracelet
Arm Bands – GrueLing Designs – Legend Cuffs
Gloves – SiniStyle Taped Fingers W/ Black Nails
Top – ::DARE:: Buckle Dress dark
Pants – *BOOM* Gettin Low Jeans  (black)
Belt – *Cobrahive* Pocket Belt (open)
Scenery – Cadenza  – The centerpiece of Cadenza is the piano inside the hollowed-out tree trunk with the swirling rays of light spiraling around it. However, the nearby art exhibition and bunny dome are just as enchanting and deserve a look.

Until then!

I Double Dog DARE you to keep coming back to see me!

Lavindia Jewell-Korolev

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