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Country Girl….

Now dance like a dandelion
In the wind on the hill underneath the pines, yea
Move like the river flows
Feel the kick drum down deep in your toes
All I wanna do is get to holdin’ you and get to knowin’ you
And get to showin’ you and get to lovin’ you ‘fore the night is through
Baby you know what to do

Shake it for the young bucks sittin’ in the honky-tonks
For the rednecks rockin’ ’til the break of dawn
For the DJ spinnin’ that country song
Come on, come on, come on
Shake it for the birds, shake it for the bees
Shake it for the catfish swimming down deep in the creek
For the crickets and the critters and the squirrels
Shake it to the moon, shake it for me girl, aww

“Country Girl (Shake It For Me)” ~ Lyrics – Luke Bryan

What can I say?   I’m a country girl.   I enjoy almost all things that comes to mind when you think “country”.   I’m from the south so I know how yummy grits, biscuits with gravy, and fried chicken taste.   I know the joys of going mud hogging and skinny dipping in a pond.   I know the thrill of gigging frogs.   I’ve had at least one romantic evening that took place in a truck bed.   I have been checked for ticks.   I’ve worried that I really would melt from the heat.   You get the idea?    When I saw this little overall outfit I just had to have it.   Its been warming a spot in my inventory for far too long.   I saw they had this tied bra top and.. that was all it took!   Hope Ya’ll Enjoy!

Enjoyed Feeling Like A Country Bumpkin Wearing:

Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ Megumi Mesh Hair – Blacks Pack

Skin – *League* Skin Isla Sunkiss

Eyes – Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Desert Dawn Shadow)

Eyelashes – – DAMNED – My Perfect Eyelashes ❤

Top – [monso] My Tied Bratop – Pink

Overalls – [monso] My Overall – Dark Blue

Feet – Slink Womens Natural Barefeet

Flip Flops – Slink Aussie Thongs Black

Glasses – [SteinWerk] – Etienne Sunglasses

Necklace – miel – FRIENDO necklace

Bracelet – miel – FRIENDO bracelet

Earrings – EarthStones The Diamond Studs – Pear

Nails – LOVE SOUL – Prim Nails*Smoky Border* – The Arcade GATCHA Event

Tattoo (arms) – :Little Pricks: Ride the Waves

Tattoo (navel) – AITUI TATTOO– AC Love *Navel*

Tattoo (back) – !::Wicked Tattoos::i Live, Love & Laugh Tattoo


Location – Tryst Home Land Sales and Rentals @ Wild Beach

Now if you don’t mind….

I think I dropped an earring in this pond…

Help me find it before the ole big catfish swallows it…

If’n you don’t mind terrible much.

I’ll be thankfully yours…

Lavindia Jewell

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“Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way.” 
―    George S. Patton Jr.,    Patton Principles

That’s generally the way of it isn’t it.   Either your leading, your following or your just straight up in the way.   Makes you stop to think if you’re a leader or a follower doesn’t it?    I can honestly say that sometimes I’ve been one of those swithering ones that are not sure what I’m doing other than just drifting on my merry way.   I’d like to say I’d be a leader.   I feel that I’m sure enough of myself to lead people in the right direction in certain aspects of life.   On the other hand there are times when I will put my hand out and let someone who is capable of what I am not, lead me.   I think maybe we are all like in that, I hope.   Sure and trustworthy and able to lead when we are needed but meek and empathetic enough to know when our better place is in the following line.   Is that enough of that ramble?   I think so.   I wanted to toot TonkTastics horn for some well done boots and pants.   They have released some amazing mesh products.   The HUDs for both of these are easy to use and there are so many options.   I hadn’t shopped at TonkTastic in ages and I’m so happy to see them releasing some new stuff!   The bodysuit for my military might outfit came from Deetalez and its great!!!   For those of us that like to show off our “guns”.   The top also comes with an lola applier for the really big guns!   Enjoy!

Lead The Way Wearing….

Hair – *ARGRACE* Military Cap “Loose Chignon” ~ (Black)

Skin – *League* Skin Isla Sunkiss

Eyes – Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Desert Dawn Shadow)

Eyelashes – – DAMNED – My Perfect Eyelashes ❤

Bodysuit – DeeTaleZ Tops army body sheer black

Pants – TonkTastic – Cargo Pants [Big Box] Female Version

Boots – TonkTastic – Gumboots

Bracelets – *BLITZED* Legacy Cuffs – black

Watch – *BLITZED* Legacy watch – black

Nails/Rings – +ROZOREGALIA+*Gazellver*Ring&Nail/1(F)

Necklace – [MANDALA] SHAMIRA DOG TAG Necklace

*See Stores and SLURLS for shopping taxis*

Well thats all the R&R I’m getting for today!

See you back in the barracks!


Sir, Yessir!

I’m Private Lavindia Jewell

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“Surfing is very much like making love. It always feels good, no matter how many times you’ve done it”  ~ Paul Strauch

Speaking from a Second Life Point of View….  I’d have to agree with Paul.   Surfing is great fun.   Now it’s not a joy I can say I’ve had in the real world.   But its a great experience to watch.   I’d love to try it.   Maybe someday I will.    *Jots surfing down on her bucket list*.    But right now… I’ll continue to get my surfing thrill fix in the virtual world.   I got this great rashguard (that’s surfer talk for a tight-fitting shirt) at Action.   They have great things to offer!   Surfboards.. Jet skis… all the essentials for a great day of riding the waves.   I got my surf board wet and enjoyed the sun at Braata Beach – The Top Surfing Beach!    So get out there and catch a wave dude!

Caught Big Time Waves Wearing….

Hair – Magika [01] After

Skin – *League* Isla Sunkiss Natural Black

Make-up – *League* Isla -Sunkiss- Lipstick Denim

Sunglasses – [SteinWerk] – Aviator Custom Sunglasses

Eyes – Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Desert Dawn Shadow)

Rashguard (top) – *Action Womens Skull Rashguard – Pink

Bikini Bottoms – The Bishes Inc. Bikini HotPink & Black

Tattoo – .:: Delusions ::. Voulez Vous Couchez Avec Moi @ The Perfect Wardrobe

Bracelets – *BLITZED* Legacy Cuffs – black

Watch – *BLITZED* Legacy watch – black

Nails – Izzie’s – Glitter Nails

Feet – Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)

Flip Flops – Slink Aussie Thongs Black

Pose Prop – *{what next} ‘Surf’s Up’ Pose Set For Girls

Location – Braata Beach

Well I’m off to do more practicing!

*waits for the perfect wave and does her best surfer girl wave*

Surfs up Dude!

Remember me….

I’m always…

Lavindia Jewell

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Wild Thing…..

“There should be a place where only the things you want to happen, happen” 
―    Maurice Sendak,    Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are was probably one of my favorite childhood stories.   My group tag that gets the most use lately is “Wild Thang”.   I still wonder if it’s a good fit for me.   I like to think I’m a wild child at heart.   So I guess it suits me as good as any other title.   Today I’m sporting a little bra and skirt number to show off my inner wild thing.   I paired the outfit up with this great hair from Truth with blonde streaks.    I also bought a new skin.   I don’t change my skin very often so this is a big one for me.   I think I really love it tho.   One of my favorite things about it is the fact that it came with a fingernail base layer which made me do a happy dance because I never can get the tinting thing dead on very often… Its one of my biggest short comings!   Anyway… I hope you enjoy my walk on the Wild Thing Side!    Be good!!!   Or be good enough to eat!   RAWR!

Worked her Wild Thang Wearing…

Hair – >TRUTH< Miranda –  black & whites

Skin – *League* Skin Isla Sunkiss

Eyes – Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Desert Dawn Shadow)

Eyelashes – – DAMNED – My Perfect Eyelashes ❤

Make-up – -Belleza- FLF Neon Eyeliners

Bra – {mon tissu} Lycia Lace Bandeau Bra ~ Black

Skirt – .:Useful Things:. ruffled mini skirt mesh black

Stockings – \/\Cult of Belgar\/\ Seamed Stockings Pack

Shoes – N-core COQUETTE Platform “Black”

Bracelets – *BLITZED* Legacy Cuffs – black

Rings/Nails – +ROZOREGALIA+ *Gazellver*Ring&Nail

Necklace – ~Pepper~Beads Cross Necklace

Earrings – – DAMNED – BFaith Rosary Earrings

So I leave you with the question…

Am I a Wild Thang?

*Trys to work up a fearsome growl that only comes out as a purrrrrrr*

Til next time..


Lavindia Jewell


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“So wearing a corset certainly changes your state of mind.” ~ Radha Mitchell

Corsets are just plain sexy.   Uncomfortable yes but… with the appreciative glances from others… do we really want to complain about this?   I think not!   Women folk go thru all sorts of painful and uncomfortable procedures in the name of beauty.   The words “WOW baby.. you look HOT!”    Well… we all know that nothing else matters after that.   I picked the new Collared Corset by Red Mint to entice such compliments.   I wasn’t disappointed and you won’t be either!!   So get over there and see what great things they have.   I wanted EVERYTHING!!!!

 I Got Corseted and Collared up….

Hair – ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Erika HairStyle/Black-White

Skin – Lara Hurley Skin-Gwen *exclusive skin from 2012 Culture Shock Event(over)

Eyes – Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Desert Dawn Shadow)

Eyelashes – – DAMNED – My Perfect Eyelashes ❤

Corset/Collar – (r)M~Collared Corset~No.07 (Mesh)

Skirt – (r)M~DrawUp Skirt (No.05)

Panties – :STICKY FINGERS: My naughty panties (black)

Hose – Black StayUps by INSOLENCE

Boots – TEN”10 Megas boots black

Bracelts/Rings – (r)M ~ Bangles w/ Rings (Silver)

Nails – +ROZOREGALIA+*Gazellver*Ring&Nail/1(F)

Earrings – – DAMNED – BFaith Rosary Earrings

Tattoo – .:: Delusions ::. Parthenos Dios – Sleeve Tattoo  @ ZODIAC

*gives her hips a twist and strikes a pose*

oh yeah sexy!

I know it…. you’ll do good to remember who said it…

and that would be…

Lavindia Jewell

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“There’s only us, there’s only this.  Forget regret, or life is yours to miss.  No other road, no other way; no day but today!” ~ From Jonathan Larson By Way of Mimi In “Rent”

Bohemians view the world with an artistic eye.  They believe in living life to the fullest, enjoying good times, and leaving an imprint on the world forever.   *Slaps her forehead*   I must be bohemian!    I could just be wishful thinking again though.   I would like to say that I believe in living life to its fullest, enjoying all the moments I’m given and finding joy in simple things.   I’d hate to worry that if today was my last that it wasn’t enjoyed with a merry heart and a warm exuberance.   This hair that I’m sporting gives me that happy free feeling.   It might look a hot mess but it just feels good.   All mussed and pinned up so that you can rush out and enjoy more good times!    The pants were found at this month’s round of Collabor88.    Blame the pants for the wild hair if you must!    They just put me in “THAT” kind of mood!    So get out and let the wind mess your hair up!

Lived Life To The Fullest In….

Hair – (r)M ~ Hair No.11 (F) ( b r o w n s )

Skin – [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Tabata ] – [ -1968 Hippie bronze  ] group gift

Top – ::HH:: Hucci Penelope Tank – Munsell

Pants – 22769 ~[femme] Rachel Denims style: hippie @ Collabor88

Necklace – [Aura] – Ethereal Prayer Beads – Mesh Necklace – Burnt


Rings/Nails – ::LEO-NT:: I ❤ NATURE Rings

Nobody can say it better than James Dean….

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”

So until we meet again…. I’ll be dreaming big and living large!

Bohemian-ly yours….

Lavindia Jewell

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