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1. Also called Elysian Fields. Classical Mythology . the abode of the blessed after death.

2. any similarly conceived abode or state of the dead.

3. any place or state of perfect happiness; paradise.
You guys know I am always on the search for classy exciting places to hang out.    Well sometimes not so classy but hey…. we all have those moments.    I enjoyed the pleasure of a social mixer at one of my latest finds…. Ēlýsion Adult Lounge!   This place is a must visit.   The atmosphere is just plan sexy.   Every area is awesomely decorated with art and furniture to meet your socializing needs *wink wink*.    The place just exudes a sexy feel.   There is a fee to join but its well worth it.   There are themed events and layed back jam sessions and rumors of RP events.  I haven’t been able to enjoy any of their themed events yet as they seem to fall on the weekends.   But they sure sound like a good time to be had by all!   I’ll be crossing my fingers for a mid-week event.  *crosses her fingers*   I give Ēlýsion the Lavindia Fox Seal of approval!    Stop by and see for yourself.
Found Social Paradise Wearing….
Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ Momo Mesh Hair – Browns Pack
Eyes – Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Desert Dawn Shadow)
Eyelashes – *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -31- ExtraLong
Dress – ::Rack City:: WEAR ME Sexy Siren Miixed Dress FULL SET @ WCF 2
Shoes – [Gos] Boutique – Angelina Peeptoe – Black Python
Bracelets – MG – Earrings and Bracelets – Monaco Nights
Here’s hoping I’ll see you at the next social mixer!
Til then…
Paradise is just a click away….
*clicks the TP to Ēlýsion Adult Lounge*
I’m your Social Butterfly…
Lavindia J. Fox

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May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble
avoid you
Wherever you go.
~Irish Blessing


Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone.    I know I’m a little bit prematurely celebrating.   But I work the RL weekend shifts.   So I have to squeeze my celebrations in during the week.    So I’m showing off a great dress given to me by my friends at Velocity.   I love it!!!   I’m going to be wishing every day was St. Paddy’s day now.   Wearing this dress gave me a chance to turn my favorite boots this fabulous color.   So even tho I didn’t actually find the fabled 4 leaf clover.   I feel as lucky as if I had a pocket over flowing with them.   I hope everyone enjoys their lucky weekend!    Don’t forget to wear that green…. there are lurkers everywhere just waiting to PEEENCH you!    Perhaps you like a good pinching.. and if that’s the case… wear your other favorite colors!    Cheers!


Felt The Luck O’ The Green Wearing:

Hair – (Chemistry) Hair – Buttons – Browns


Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Deep Emerald)

Eyelashes – *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -31- ExtraLong

Dress – VELOCITY St. Paddy’s Lola Mini Dress

Stockings – *League* Ella Stockings-Naturals-Black Garter


Earrings – EarthStones Lucky Shamrock Earrings – Silver

Collar – *BLITZED* Legacy Choker – black

Bracelets – *BLITZED* Legacy Cuffs – black

Watch – *BLITZED* Legacy watch – black

Nails – *Sexy Mamas* Manicure – Sculpted Prim Nails

Pose Prop – GLITTERATI – White picket fence


Right so… I’ll leave you with a little question….

“If a man who cannot count finds a four-leaf clover, is he lucky?”  ~Stanislaw J. Lec

Inquiring minds like mine would love to know….

Here’s tipping my green girly drink in your direction…

Think of me when you get… erm… Lucky….

I’m yours…

Lavindia J. Fox

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“The girl says “Oh uh-uh, wait a minute! Wait a minute! Just because I’m dressed this way does not make me a whore!” Which is true, Gentlemen, that is true. Just because they dress a certain way doesn’t mean they are a certain way. Don’t even forget it. But ladies, you must understand that is fucking confusing. It just is. Now that would be like me, Dave Chappelle, the comedian, walking down the street in a cop uniform. Somebody might run up on me saying, “Oh, thank God. Officer, help us! Come on. They’re over here. Help us!” “Oh-hoh! Just because I’m dressed this way does not make me a police officer!” See what I mean? All right, ladies, fine. You are not a whore. But you are wearing a whore’s uniform.” 
―    Dave Chappelle


Ohhh yeah baby!   I’ve been to the Whore Couture Fair Round 2.   I don’t think I made it all the way to every store yet but my wallet was really feeling the sting.   So many great items to be had.   I also broke down and did the unthinkable.   What is that you ask?   I did it… I bought me some Lolas Tango Mesh bewbs.   I am just too tickled to get them all sorted so I can flaunt them to everyone.   The key to my buying them was that my skin… which I must say I love… now has appliers!    Ohhh happy day dance.    Anyway.. back to the whore fair post.   I found this great corset there.   It is available in several options for the side texture.   I was torn between the floral and this british flag one.    But since I have a soft side for the British it seems.. I snatched up this version.   I already had some great boots to pair it with along with these great leather pants.   So I put on my whore gear and .. well I’ll let your mind wonder about that for a while.. I think.   Enjoy!


Walked On The Wilder Side Wearing….



Eyes – Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Desert Dawn Shadow)

Eyelashes – *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -31- ExtraLong

Corset – …::: Scrub ::::..  Blow one’s top-UK-

Trousers – ::1bp:: Skinny Leathers Black

Boots – ISON – girl panic boots (british black)

Collar – [..::Cuca Designs::..] Black Leather Choker – Plain

Necklace – n*l Zombie*Pearls Necklace Black & Snake

Bracelets – +ROZOREGALIA+*Gazellver*BRACELET2

Nails/Rings – +ROZOREGALIA+*Gazellver*Ring&Nail/1(F)

Tattoo – Vestigium – Dead Ink


I saw and must admit bought a tattoo at last years whore fair that said….

“I’m not a whore… I’m just popular”

So with that in mind…

I’m your “popular” blogger…

Lavindia J. Fox

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Posh is defined as ~
1: elegant, fashionable
2 British: typical of or intended for the upper classes : highfalutin
                 Merriam-Webster – The Free Dictionary
Honestly I am not posh at all.   But today I was feeling the need to dress up but in a down sorta way.   I bought some great shoes at GOS boutique in navy and realized that I really didn’t own a navy anything.   So when I had my monthly trip to Collabor88 and saw this great suit jacket and these great jeans there was no reason NOT to buy them.   A girl has to wear her new shoes!  So that’s the idea behind my look today.   I hope you enjoy my attempt at classic dressy but not too dressy poshness.   Toodles!
Made A Stab At Appearing Posh Wearing:
Hair – >TRUTH< Tisha –  dark browns
Eyes – Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Desert Dawn Shadow)
Eyelashes – *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -31- ExtraLong
Blazer – (Elate!) Piper Blazer (Navy) @ Collabor88 – March
Jeans – (Elate!) Elle Trouser Jeans (Light Denim) @ Collabor88 – March
Shoes – [Gos] Boutique – Marilyn Sandals – Navy
Belt – .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Belt :: HEART ::
Earrings – EarthStones The Diamond Studs – Marquis
Glasses – [SteinWerk] – Etienne Sunglasses
So until we wave at each other over a hot cuppa tea….
I’ll be your pinkie waving blogger…
Lavindia J. Fox
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