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“Horses know nothing of money, status, beauty, or accomplishment… Horses see only our hearts, and they accept or reject us based on what they find within…… In short, horses do naturally what humans can pass a lifetime without ever mastering!!!” ~ Unknown

Yahooooo!!!   Good Morning!    I tried to warn you about seeing some more amazing outfits from Savage Garden!    I’m at it again I’m afraid!   What can I say… I’ve always been drawn to anything country and farm related.   I had a farm in SL for a while.   I’m still sad that the land owners had to sell out and I was forced to move.   I doubt I’ll ever find the perfect place for a farm again.    But… better things have come along of course.   The farm will always hold fond memories.    Anyway… I wax nostalgic.   I hope you will enjoy this post and visit Savage Garden for yourself to find the many wonders they have in store!   *** warning this post may be a tad picture heavy because I love every shot I got!   Bear with me 🙂

“Horses don’t care who you are, what you wear, if you have braces, what your hair looks like, all they care about is if you love them and when you do they return it with unconditional love and days of happiness.”~Unknown

“We have almost forgotten how strange a thing it is that so huge and powerful and intelligent an animal as a horse should allow another, and far more feeble animal to ride upon it’s back.” ~Peter Gray

“A cowgirl is a woman with guts and a horse”~Unknown


Hair – [LeLutka] -OSCAR hair/Dark Brunette

Skin – Lara Hurley Skin-Gwen

Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Grey Shadow)

Eyelashes – – DAMNED – My Perfect Eyelashes ❤

Makeup – *BOOM* Love my eyes Liner and Mascara thick

Outfit – *{ SeVered GarDeN }* josie * Brown Set – includes –  boots.. outfit… accessories

Nails – [EY:NO] French long Nails

Tattoo – :[P]: – Lazy Sundays- Tribal Tattoo With Eyes


Horses – Standardbred Horse at Neon Frog Studios

Setting – The Woodshed at Wild Beach

Well I’m gonna chase that horse back into the barn!

And as always.. a word to the wise…

“Don’t squat with your spurs on.” ~ Unknown

As Always I’m….

Lavindia Jewell

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“Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray, and your picture will always be bleak. Try adding some bright colors to the picture by including humor, and your picture begins to lighten up” ~ Allen Klein
Hello out there from inside my little box!    How is everyone!   I picked up this “box” posing prop from Diesel Works.   I love it.   It’s a fun photo prop to play with.   Lots to choose from in the way of textures for the background as well as adjustable poses.   The outfit has a little story as well.   hehehe   If nothing else I’m good for a little story .. right?   Right??!!    Anyway.. the story.    I got this “dress”   one day while I was out doing my shopping rounds.    The dress is called …Long Silk Negligee.   Which of course you know would appeal to my inner sexy diva.   The dress has great texture.    The skirt part tho didn’t seem to match the rest of the dress as well as I felt it could.    But … I love the way the skirt part clings to the booty!   Words aren’t enough to express what I’m saying so….. Here is a picture…..
 Since I couldn’t get the dress part to work… I made the top into a handy bodysuit and paired it up with some just right low riding jeans!    I hope you enjoy the colorful outfit as much as I do.    More pictures and where you can find your own booty loving dress details to follow!
 My Colorful Box of Good Finds….
Hair – ^;^CaTwA^;^ Emma HairStyle/Black-White
Skin – Lara Hurley Skin -Gwen
Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Grey Shadow)
Eyelashes – – DAMNED – My Perfect Eyelashes ❤
Glasses – [SteinWerk] – Etienne Sunglasses
Jacket – AOHARU SimpleJaket Black
Top – [A] Long Silk Nigligee Teal (used shirt layer only)
Pants – [Cynful] Modest Flare Jeans – Black
Belt – ~Pepper~ Hook it Belt
Boots – Christine Black Mesh Boots by INSOLENCE
Earrings – :Fusion: Beaded Silver Hoop Earrings
Necklace – n*l Zombie*Pearls Necklace Black (noir*lily – closed)
Bracelets – *BLITZED* Legacy Cuffs – black
Watch – *BLITZED*  Legacy watch – black
Nails – Izzie’s – Glitter Nails
Well that’s another blog entry for me done and dusted…
 Remember what they say….
“Smart people are a dime a dozen. What matters is the ability to think different… to think out of the box.” ~ Walter Isaacson
I guess “they”  don’t say that… Walter Isaacson did 🙂
Til then… be smart… and think outside the box!
Your boxy one!
Lavindia Jewell
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“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” ~ Oscar Wilde
It’s always a happy day when I stumble across a new store.   I was plumb tickled with Savage Garden!   I don’t know why I haven’t heard of it before.   I fell in love with just about everything I saw there.    I grabbed up a few things to not be too greedy and you’ll be seeing more from these great designers on my blog in the very near future!    Shown here is such a cute summery outfit and the flowers give you just the right amount of girly!   I hope you enjoy it as much as I am.    More pictures and outfit details are coming… so.. go on.. scroll on down!
Did I mention that the outfit includes the dress/legging/boots/accessories all for one low price???  Well it does!!!
Outfit details:
Hair – .:EMO-tions:. * PARIS * naturals
Skin – Lara Hurley Skin-Gwen
Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Hazy Rainshower)
Eyelashes – – DAMNED – My Perfect Eyelashes ❤
Makeup – *BOOM* Love my eyes Liner and Mascara -thick
Outfit –  *{ SeVered GarDeN }*  Gaia* olive
Until next time…
Keep a spring in your step and summer on your mind!
As Always….
Lavindia Jewell
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To my chambers in the Harem…. Each day you make your way….. As I seductively do my dance … My hips cannily sway……There I do my dance….. Especially for you ….Ecstasy takes a ride….All the night through…  ~Fantasy Poetry ~

Busy week for me this week it seems.   School is out *boo hiss*!!   Needless to say I have to spend more of my free time doing things less for me and more for the kiddies!   They seem to want to eat!!!  I found time for a little SL shopping tho and I found these darling harem pants.    I dunno I’m always drawn to anything with harem in the name.   Just seems.. I dunno.. smexy!    I paired these cute pants up with an equally cute top I found at Apple May Designs.   Love it when you go to a shop after one thing and leave with several!   Don’t you?    Anyway I’ll quit with the blather and get back to the important things like telling you how you can get your own!

Get my sexy on in….

Hair – MINA Hair – Moriko long – Essentials @ My Attic at the Deck

Skin – Lara Hurley Skin – Gwen @ Culture Shock Event

Makeup – *BOOM* Love my eyes Liner and Mascara -thick

Eyelashes – – DAMNED – My Perfect Eyelashes ❤

Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Hazy Rainshower)

Top – Apple May Designs  – Hazel Mesh Top – Pink

Pants – [NV] Harem Pants -Canvas black-

Feet – Maitreya Gold * Bare Feet Tip-Toe

Necklace – +:+WTG+:+ **The SUN 2012** necklace

Bracelets – [EY:NO] Mess Bangles (silver)

Rings – ::LEO-NT:: I ❤ NATURE Rings

Nails – N-core Manicure

That’s all I got for now …

*clings her thumb cymbals together and gives her hips a quick shake*

See ya again soon!

Lavindia Jewell


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I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o’er vales and hills, When all at once I saw a crowd, A host, of golden daffodils; Beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze Continuous as the stars that shine And twinkle on the milky way, They stretched in never-ending line Along the margin of a bay: Ten thousand saw I at a glance, Tossing their heads in sprightly dance. ~William Wordsworth, “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud,” 1804

One of my favorite flowers of all time is the daisy.  It’s just so simple and beautiful.  So when I found this dress that is equally simply beautiful I really wanted to find a bed of wildflowers.   Found this patch of daisies and couldn’t have been happier!     This dress is great!   I couldn’t decide on a color so I bought the whole fat pack!   So beware my friends you will probably be seeing me in this look in various shades of the rainbow.   *grins*    I’m not going to blather on and on for once.   Enjoy the post!

Get your bouquet of goods….

Hair – .ploom. London – Indecisive

Skin – Lara Hurley Skin -Gwen @ Culture Event

Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Grey Shadow)

Eyelashes – – DAMNED – My Perfect Eyelashes ❤

Dress – ::BB::  Lucille Pleated Silk Gown MINT

Shoes – Maitreya Gold  – Shanti Silver

Earrings – EarthStones Neisha Earrings – Paua MoP

Necklace – EarthStones Neisha Necklace – Paua MoP

Bracers – .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Bracelets :: MYRTIL :: Blue

Bracelet – Zaara : Vyomini chained bracelet *turquoise*

Nails – N-core  Manicure

 So while your walking around with your head in the clouds….

Don’t forget to stop along the way and look down….

Take in the smells of early summer!

Love ya!

Lavidia Kyger

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A Fairytale

by Millette Addison

Dreamland awaits you, Close your eyes,

Imagine you and I, Close as breath,
Skin upon skin, Lips touching,
For you taste of Raspberries, sweetly irresistible,

The fragrance of you, Takes my breath away,
I am burning inside, A torch of fire,
Burning fuel of passion, For you are my desire,
My heart beats with every breath, You are my destiny,

Your eyes evade me, deep, dark, mysterious,
I am your slave, Your love has captured me,
Grab my body, Pull me close,
Show me your love, In ways I could only dream

Wake me I must be dreaming, This is a fairytale.

 Is it getting hot in here .. or is it just me?!   *fans herself*    Who would have thought that a gloomy rainy day could have had so much possibility!   So me and my main squeeze were lounging about at opposite ends of the couch wearing our old sweats and t-shirts and playing Draw Something on our iPhones when the rain started.   Ty looks up, grins and promptly states; “looks like I don’t have to mow the grass today”.   I look over my shoulder out of the window and see the rain pelting down and make a groan in my throat knowing that means another week of high weeds.   As I turn my head back around I notice that Ty’s pulled his shirt off and well.. if you’ve seen my hubby… you will completely understand the spark of heat that coursed thru me.    I slowly let my eyes wander over his bare chest and abds and when I look back up at his face he has his right eyebrow raised and that sexy smirk I’ve grown to know and love.    I coyly state; “I still have a pile of lingerie that we didn’t have time to preview on our honeymoon.”   To which his answer is to stand up at his end of the couch and shuck off his sweatpants.    You don’t have to write me instructions!   I was lickity split up the stairs and into my new lingerie faster than Ty could get ole Marvin Gaye qued up on the stereo!   *sighs*   I hope you enjoy this steamy post as much as I had writing it and participating in it!   The steamy pictures were taken and edited by the very skilled Ty Kyger.   The details of his outfit can be found on his blog Ty’d and True.

The Steamy Details!

Hair – .b – bound – dark browns

  Skin – Lara Hurley Skin-Gwen @ Culture Shock Event

   Make up –  Eyes – *BOOM* Love my eyes Liner and Mascara -thick

                Lips – :: Exodi :: Makeups – Gloss – Heavy

              Eyes –  Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Grey Shadow)

  Eyelashes –  – DAMNED – My Perfect Eyelashes ❤

     Lingerie –  Zaara : Chanchal Lingerie *mocha*

   Shoes –  N-core COQUETTE “Turquoise”

Earrings – EarthStones Neisha Earrings – Paua MoP

  Necklace – Zaara : Vanisri wrapped necklace *onyx*

   Bracelets – [EY:NO] Mess Bangles (silver)

  Nails – N-core  Manicure

Bed – : FF : XmasSuite – Bed    .: FluiD Furniture : (old hunt gift)

Poses – oOo Studios and Stakey

Need I say more?

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.”  Judy Garland

Have a steamy day!

Love always!!!

Lavindia Kyger

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“Peace begins with a smile”…. Mother Teresa
Hello Everyone!   Well this week I was on a mission to find the perfect outfit to go along with my newly acquired… gotta love… to die for boots!   We’ve heard me talk about GOS boots before.   I love them!   I would wear them with everything if I thought I could get away with it.    Now we know too that I’m not generally a color wearing gal.   I stick to black.. red… white…. brown…. neutrals!   But these denim boots with their girlie flowery style… I had to.     So I went shopping.. as we do!   I found the shorts easily enough but the top was so evasive.   I prolly tried 4 or 5 different ones before I settled on this cute yellow t-shirt with the knotted up side.    I think all in all it came out well.   But I’m a tad bit biased.    Oh well… I hope you enjoy my look!
Wearing …..
Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ Shiori Mesh Hair – Browns Pack@ Culture Shock Event
Skin – Lara Hurley-Gwen /tan @ Culture Shock Event
Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Twilight Steel)
Eyelashes –  – DAMNED – Eyelashes
Top – coldLogic top – larsen.yellow
Shorts – Zaara : Denim knee-shorts *light*
Boots – [Gos] MESH Triumph Boots in Denim
Necklace – miel – FRIENDO necklace
Bracelet –miel – FRIENDO bracelet
Nails –  N-core  Manicure
Tatoo – AITUI TATTOO- AC Love *Navel*
Piercings – <-Puncture-> Gemstone Navel Piercing
 Well that’s me all tied up in a nice neat knot.
Hope you have a great day!!!
Peace Out!
Lavindia Kyger
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