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Pierced….. ***ICED***

I think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. They’ve experienced pain and bought jewelry.
Rita Rudner

I’m super impressed with the jewelry I’ve been receiving from ICED jewelry!   Pictured here is a facial piercing and earrings.  I wouldn’t exactly say I was a “pierced”  type of girl.   But these give me just that hint of untamed wildness that I was feeling today!   RAWR baby!

The Look!!

Skin – *YS & YS* Marilu Mask – Hair Cleavage – TDR *8th release at the Dressing Room*
Face Piercing – *ICED* Piercing Set 11
Earrings – *ICED* Peyton Earrings
Necklace – dM key&padlock 7chainChoker *SILVER*
Top – <TheAbyss> F_Gear//[Red]Pruriency_Corset
Pants – +grasp+/Leather Pants/01/womens
Shoes – Maitreya Gold – Shanti Cherry

Well that’s me… Until next time!

I wish you well and may your piercing holes never seal shut when you aren’t looking!

Wicked Love,

Lavindia Jewell-Korolev

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Ladder…. ::Gabriel::

If you’re climbing the ladder of life, you go rung by rung, one step at a time. Don’t look too far up, set your goals high but take one step at a time. Sometimes you don’t think you’re progressing until you step back and see how high you’ve really gone.
Donny Osmond

Delightful news people!  ::Gabriel:: has a lucky board with some great gifts!!!   My dearest friends gathered to show off the prizes!   Shown above are the polo shirt for men and the polo dresses for ladies.   The shirt and dress are available  in 4 colors and are transferable!   The Lucky Board is a group only prize giver.. but … join the group already!   Also for those with a keen eye there is a necklace for male and female which is also a group gift and transferable!   I’m loving the necklace and will be wearing mine lots!   So Join the group already!!!   What the heck are you waiting on!

Lisa’s Style:

Hair – >TRUTH Hair< Yvonne >dark browns<
Skin – *League* Skin Pale -Taylor- BloodRed
Dress – ::GB::polo Dress RED
Shoes – SNEAKERS /Red-Stripped/ Sculpties *REDGRAVE*

Ty’s Style:

Hair: MADesigns Hair – Jake Natural Black III
Eyes: MADesigns SOUL eyes Blue 6
Poetic Colors – Aurora Eyes (Freebie)
Skin: Hermony: Kriz ST2 – Soulpatch – Shadowed (hair)
Shirt: GB Gray Polo
Pants: Muism VSL damaged jeans/Washed
Shoes: Aoharu WAlk Mesh Belt Sandals
Accessories: Rozoregalia Nornir Unisex Pierced3
The Abyss Spiked_Cuff+Barbed_Wire_Wristband

Lavindia’s Style:

Hair – ::::IrEn:::: :::: Paris ::::blacks
Skin – *YS & YS*Marilu Skin – Mask – TDR8
Face Piercing – – .HoD. – The Prayer Of Forgiveness
Earrings – *ICED* Peyton Earrings
Necklace – ::GB::black bead necklace
Dress – ::GB::polo Dress Blue
Boots – J’s ThighHigh Boots (Black)
Ladder – GLITTERATI – The Social Climber

emptysea’s Style:

Hair                 Uncleweb
Tattoos         Platinum Tattoos
Skin                 Belleza
Piercings       Primitive Design
Necklace       Gabriel
Watch           BUUKA
Cuff                Rawdolls
Jeans           Damiani
HiTops          League

I hope you enjoyed our little fashion show 🙂   We do sign autographs!

Keep your eyes up while you climb!

And watch your step!

Yours Always,

Lavindia Jewell-Korolev

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“Ninety-nine percent of the world’s lovers are not with their first choice. That’s what makes the jukebox play.” Willie Nelson

*Jiggles the change in her pocket and prepares to cue up the ole Wurlitzer.*  I don’t know what it is about a jukebox but when you see one you just need to fish out your change and play those oldies but goodies.  There is this little hamburger dive near me that has little mini jukeboxes on the tables.   I love that place…hmmm wonder why I haven’t been in ages.   I think I may just have to make a trip.  Well this is just a quickie post.   One of my favorite looks.  Its a constant search that I’ve been on since practically day 1 in SL to find a man’s shirt that actually looks like a man’s shirt on a woman.   I’ve found some that are close.  But I’m still looking for that perfect shirt.

The Outfit:

Hair – >TRUTH< Kalista – chocolate

Skin – *YS & YS* Marilu Mask – TDR

Jewelry – :Fusion: Feathered Necklace Set

Top – ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Loose shirt white



Until then!

Play a song for me!

Lavindia Jewell-Korolev

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The pride of the peacock is the glory of God./ The lust of the goat is the bounty of God. / The wrath of the lion is the wisdom of God. / The nakedness of woman is the work of God. ~ William Blake

Wow… let me repeat… WOW!!!  Ages ago I bought this peacock tattoo and always wished to find some reason to wear it.  Then .. Voila… ICED Jewelry sends me these awesome Peacock earrings.  That’s all it took of course.   WOOOHOOOO Shopping!   I mean sometimes you just have to have a reason to buy the feathered skirt and the feathered shoes that you’ve been lusting after.    Makes the spending justifiable … Does for me… Does for you too.. right?  Right???

And of course… what we all want to know….

The Look!

Hair – *X*plosion Hair *Kayli* (Onyx)
Skin – -Belleza- Jesse Sunkiss
Earrings – *ICED* Oval Peacock Earrings
Top/Tattoo/Necklace – Snagged Peacocked Set
Skirt – Fume’ – Peacock Skirt
Bracelets – [ glow ] Studio – Lowicz Peacock Wood Bracelets
Shoes – Maitreya Gold – Salience Emerald


Lavindia Jewell-Korolev

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Sand Dollar….. *ICED*

The legend of the Sand dollar
That I would like to tell
Of the birth and death of Jesus
Found in this lovely shell.
If you will examine closely,
You’ll see that you find here
Four nail holes a fifth one
Made by a Roman’s spear.
On one side the Easter Lily,
It’s center is the star
That appeared unto the shepherds
And led them from afar.
The Christmas Poinsettia
Etched on the other side
Reminds us of his birthday,
Our happy Christmas tide.
Now break the center open
And here you will release
The five white doves awaiting
To spread good will and peace
This simple little symbol,
Christ left for you and me.

~ Author Unknown by Me ~

Well I must say… I’m one happy wee blogger!   That’s me adding ICED jewelry to my list of blog assignments!  I received my first folder of goodies and am LOVING them.   Featured here is the Sand Dollar Necklace a lovely beach feeling piece of jewelry that I know I will be wearing and wearing and wearing.   I love Sand Dollars.   They are so fragile and beautiful.  Such a delicate piece of nature.   I love having one in SL!   The piece is such a value too!

Get yours today at ICED  Jewelry for only 159L!!!!

The Outfit!
Hair – fri. – Tatum.2 – Sensitive Black
Skin – *YS & YS* Barbara TDR SummerTime
Earrings – Zaara : Anaya cluster earrings *turquoise*
Necklace – *ICED* Sand Dollar Necklace
Bracelet – Zaara : Vyomini chained bracelet *turquoise*
Tattoo – TIKI TATTOO – Maria – ale
Swimwear – Mimikri – Starlet Bikini & Pareo aqua
Shoes – [SC] Surf Couture – Desert Sandals (L) – Original

Until we meet again!

Happy Sand Crawling!

Lavindia Jewell-Korolev


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::GABRIEL:: has a new sim!!!

I’m anxious to see what the atmosphere’s going to be like. It was pretty wild for the preseason games, but I’m sure they were saving some things for the opening night. I have no clue what it’s going to be like. I just can’t wait. ~ Chris Paul quotes

Ok so it’s not some great sports opening that’s causing all the excitement.. but to some of us.. Shopping is our favorite sport!  The opening of a new sim by a favorite creator even more exciting still!    So girls and guys from all walks of life are tapping their toes and watching their mailboxes for their platinum tickets to the big OPENING NIGHT of  ::GABRIEL:: and the new addition of AGAPEE – a new pose shop for men and women.!!

We have… The Classic City Girl…

Classic City Girl…
Hair:  fri. – Tatum.2 – Sensitive Black
Skin:  -Belleza- Elle BR SK HB (cleavage) Group Gift
Top with Jewelry and Gloves:  ::GB::Furbolero White
Pants:  ::GB::denimjeans damage
Shoes:  Maitreya Gold – Shanti Silver
Tattoo:  Nardya – Stella Fiore
Room Divider:  *Y’s HOUSE* “Volets”Partition002

And… the Fun Loving Country Girl….

Country Girl…
Hair with Hat:  ::69:: COVET – Auburn –
Skin:   -Belleza- Alyson Sk Group gift
Dress:   ::GB::DenimDress_red
Boots:   J’s WesternBoots (Gray)
Jewelry:   :Fusion: Feathered Necklace Set
Fence:  GLITTERATI – Fence

And always the Cozy Romantic Girl…

Cozy Romantic Girl…
Hair: * 0 Style *Dana*(Raven)
Skin: -Belleza- Belle sk Smokey Mocha
Dress:  ::GB::Loose sweater female GRAY
Boots:  Stiletto Moody Skyhigh Boot (Black Kidskin)

The Opening events of the new sim are going to be full of excitement!   There will be gifts and new items that I know we are all anxious to get our hands on!   But that’s not all!!!  Not to worry… if you’re not among the ones with  platinum tickets and are bummed you will miss the first show …the TV of VWBC will be present and taking pictures to relay on their site.  ( ).   So stay tuned in!

So Last but not least!!!

The Schedule of the ::GABRIEL:: Sim Opening Nights!

July 17th
5PM   GABRIEL sim open! (only the people who has the platinum ticket)
6PM   first show (only the people who has the platinum ticket)
8PM   GABRIEL main store will be renewal-opened.
agapee main store will be opened.

July 18th
6AM  second show ( for public)

I’m excited… I hope you are too!   I’ll be looking forward to seeing you there!!!

Until the ribbon is cut!

Lavindia Jewell-Korolev

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Life’s pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be? I’m a pirate, after all.
Johnny Depp

Thar she blows and all that!  So me and my closest friends and loved ones have taken to playing dress up once a week with a new theme.  The Pirate theme was a week or so ago.   But my wenchly duties have been so hectic that I’ve not had time to get my blogging booty in gear.  Don’t I have all the piratey lingo down pat?   Aaargh!!!!   I’m scary and menacing too!   Just ask the ole captain.   You will see him pictured below 🙂  

Don’t get any ideas about pillaging that booty.. cause its MINE!   MINE I TELL YA!!!


        The Wench Outfit!
Outfit – .:.GSpot.:.FirstMatesWench
Boots –  *LightStar-Thigh High Pirate Boots-Black
Skin –  <TheAbyss> Opium 1.1 Skin [clean]
Hair –  <TheAbyss>  Hair – Opium [hairwraps]

      The Captain!
If your interested… In what he’s wearing… Just let me know 🙂     



Pass the Rum!

Lavindia Jewell-Korolev

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