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From the beach its sandy walls rise,
Its turrets reach up to touch the skies.
A tiny moat dissolves the keep.
Its pavers are strong, though only two inches deep.
Tiny footprints embedded in the sand,
Where once a child there did stand.
Its grace and beauty a short time will last,
Before the sea washes it into the past.

Author Unknown

As I was busy doing the Zombie Popcorn Hunt.   I found this sweet bikini bottom set.   The purchase price of 100L was said to go to the Red Cross to aid in the devastation caused by all the recent earthquakes.   I thought it was a great purchase.   Not only because of the great cause but… to my great enjoyment my nickname was airing for the world to see on the bikini bottom!   So rush over to *tw. designz* and get your own Lavi panties… and help aid the Red Cross and all the people who have lost their homes and loved ones due to the horrible earthquakes and disasters that the Red Cross provides assistance for.  

As Always!     Lavi


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I’m not about to go out and buy a snake for a pet. I mean, I may have faced a few fears but I’m not insane.
Kristin Davis

Who knew one could have so much fun posing with an Anaconda Boa…

Just goes to show ya… when in doubt…. Don’t throw anything out!  

You never know when you may need that free Anaconda boa you got when you were out clubbing!



















What I’m wearing….
Hair – .+*Stat*+.Darkbrown [MS]
Skin – -Belleza- Elle Dark Deep Tan Group Gift
Eyes – MADesigns NATURALS – truth eyes
Bracelets and Nails – [[MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Buddha Brown/ Ring & Nail
Lip Piercing – [-B-] :Basic Piercings: – Snakebites / Rings
Necklace – Zaara : Vanisri wrapped necklace *onyx*
Boots – J’s ThighHigh Boots (DarkBrown)
Top – [KA] – Snake Charmer Shirt
Skirt – [KA] – Snake Charmer Skirt
Snake – Anaconda boa – Gift from Temple of the Anaconda
Scenery – Lost World by lolmac Shan





    Until our paths slither across each others again!

                           Lavindia Jewell-Korolev

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Flower Power…

Die when I may, I want it said by those who knew me best that I always plucked a thistle and planted a flower where I thought a flower would grow.
Abraham Lincoln

Spring has sprung!   I’m enjoying the arrival of all the pretty flowers and the warm weather! 

Just a little outfit from various folders in my inventory that I thought was too cute not to share!

Skin – Belleza Jesse Sunkiss
Eyes – MADesigns NATURALS – Truth eyes
Hair – Truth – Stephane – Copper
Earrings – ICON – Wood earrings Black
Necklace – Pepper – Pearl Feather Necklace
Bracelets –  Mandala Takara Bangle/Buddha brown Bright A
Belly Piercing – Rozoregalia *NORNIR* Belly Pierce Type 2 Bk
Top – Connors Tunic – Antique Check
Jeans – ARGRACE Lady’s 3 way denim pack (Black)
Shoes – Concrete Flowers – Hemp Plateau Slippers – Green

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I didn’t discover curves; I only uncovered them.
Mae West

Such a great happy day for me for many reasons, some personal, some professional, some just plan silly.  But whatever the case may be… I’m HAPPY!

I decided to take my smiling avi to a great little place for a photo session and a roll around in a field of wild flowers.   Can you think of any better way to celebrate?  

Nah… Me Neither!    Cheers World!   Have a smile and your choice of beverage!

Are they owls? Or are they bears? maybe HooCubs?


I Wish.. I Wish... For More Days like this!

Hair: :::: IrEn::::  :::: Paris ::::blacks
Skin: -Belleza- Jesse Sunkiss
Eyes: MADesigns NATURALS – truth eyes
Outfit: Delirium – Ladia’s Secret (complete with Piercings)
Boots: (Shiny Things) Old Boots – warm black
Tattoos: Belly – AITUI TATTOO – No No No 
                Back – AITUI TATTOO- Growing Heart
Bracelets: GrueLing Designs – Gypsy Bracelets
Scenery:  Biosphere




From me and my new friends the HooBears!   Toodles!  Til we meet again



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~ War, war, war. This war talk’s spoiling all the fun at every party this spring. I get so bored I could scream!~   Scarlett O’Hara


This is an old picture.. but its one of my favorites.   The helmet is one of many cute head pieces you can find at Hat Mechanic .

Love your neighbor as yourself and all that 🙂    Pray for Peace people! 

Much Love!   Lavi



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Love at first sight is only realizing an imagination that has always haunted us; or meeting with a face, a figure, or cast of expression in perfection that we have seen and admired in a less degree or in less favorable circumstances a hundred times before.”  William Hazlitt



The Outfit:
Hair – *X*plosion Hair *Kayli* (Onyx)
Skin – -Belleza- Jesse Sunkiss
Bangles and Nails – [MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Buddha/black nails & Rings
Tattoo –  GOK Tattoo The Wired Garden
Pants – !O Contour Bodysuit (Pants)
Top – !O Obscure Dress (Top)
Shoes – Maitreya Gold – Shanti Black
Scenery:  Bentham Forest – Haunted Dark Forest



I had a lovely time in this spooky haunted forest.  The sights and sounds were frightalicious!   Make sure you visit this place for some cuddle time or a breathtaking stroll or even gather your friends around for scary story hour!   OoooOoooOoooo!!


Until we meet again!

Many Spooky Returns!







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