Masquerade Party….

19 Apr

The Ritrovo Masquerade Party1

Star-Struck Lovers In Masquerade

I trudge in my dress
and my glitter golden mask
Going to yet another ball
The golden satin feels smooth
And the white accents show a hint of innocence.
The whitest of flowers in my hair
Only there because I insisted they be put up,
As they are my favorite

I walk around
Greeting folks as I must
Wishing the corset was not there
Pretending to enjoy myself
Instead of counting the hours till I flee.

I see a man across the room
In a white costume
With similar golden accents
His mask hiding everything
That might give him away

He catches my stare
and approaches me
I stand in the middle of the dance floor
Star-struck by this new-found stranger.
He simply bows
And I curtsy in my enormous dress.

We dance around each other in a quick dance
Touching hands with a gentle embrace
We form our own dance
In a circular form
Just dancing to nothing particular
Trying to figure what makes the other so intriguing.

As the guests begin to depart
The not so strange stranger takes me in an embrace
It brings a gasp to my lips
As he whispers the slightest of words
“Thee twas mine from first glance, my love.
Thou is dearest to thine. I shalt forever love thee”

So when she reaches to take off his mask
Wondering if she truly wants to know
She steps back aghast
As she comes face to face
With her star-struck lover
Simply in Masquerade

by Emmabug

Well I didn’t have time yet to put my outfit for the party together… but its supposed to be a surprise anyway.  Or so I understand about these masquerade parties.   I’m looking forward to it.   Hope you will be there.   Going to be a good time for all.   Remember the party is exclusive to the group and you will need to join the group to get in.   You will find your chariot awaiting right … here…. ~The Ritrovo~


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