12 Apr

Amaurophilia is the preference for sexual intercourse with partners who are blind or blindfolded.   ~ The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices


She pads quietly on her barefeet into the dark forboding structure.   Stopping at the door she quickly looks around at the surroundings.   She sees multiple structures used for bondage and she feels her stomach tighten with anxiety and anticipation.   She hears the door click shut behind her and that firm but quiet voice at her ear.   “Remember my instructions little one” he whispers his breath close to her cheek.  She drops her eyes and quickly slides down to a kneel with her knees parted and her hands clasped behind her back.   Her eyes are cast down focusing at the floor.   She sees him move around her taking in every inch of her.   He sighs “good girl”.    He circles around behind her again and she feels him click shut a pair of cuffs around each of her wrists and again on each of her ankles a weight of chains attaches her four extremities to her corset.   Knowing to keep very still she doesn’t try to move.   Her breath catches in her throat when she feels the twisted silk come around and cover her eyes he tightly ties it behind her head.   She feels him take hold of the chains and gives them a not so gentle jerk.   She rises and feels herself led further into the building.   She trembles with desire and an anxious anticipation with a mixture of fear.   She feels him behind her.  HIs breath is hot against her neck as he whispers “Do you trust me?”    She swallows hard and whispers… “yes Master”.


Bound and Blindfolded and Ready for Action Wearing:

Hair – (Milana) Tami – Dark Browns

Skin – [:T:] Eva / petal :: Sultry Pack


Panties – :STICKY FINGERS: My naughty panties (black)

Blinfold – !! X-Posure !! Blindfold with Resizer menu Black

Feet – Slink Avatar Enhancement Flat Feet

Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Casual

Setting – ~The Ritrovo~


*whispers*   Now if you’ll excuse me….

I have a Master to please


Ohhhh as a reminder…. The Grand Opening of ~The Ritrovo~ is tomorrow!!   Saturday at 2pm SLT.   Come out for some great fun!    Also it will be your last chance to join this great group for no charge!   After that there will be a fee to join.

~The Ritrovo~ Grand Opening flyer

Til next time…

I’m a good girl.. really I am 🙂

It will do good for you to remember my name…

Its…. Lavindia J. Fox


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