~The Ritrovo~

09 Apr

               What does “ritrovo” mean in Italian?

In Italian, “ritrovo” means: (noun, masculine: “il ritrovo”)

meeting place, haunt, hang-out  ~


~The Ritrovo~ is fast becoming my favorite haunt.   I’d say stomping ground.. but that would just be my redneck poking thru the collar of my…. errrr well yeah… my collar.   I absolutely love the look and feel of this hangout.   Its classy and quiet and just makes you take a deep breath and relax.    Until you look past the grape vines and over the hills and spot that dark foreboding building.   I won’t ruin the surprise for you but I’ll pass along a bit of advice or hint.   If you’re a RLV user you could find yourself caught and strapped to some pretty intense looking furniture.    *GRINS*   I know right!   Gets you feeling all excited and tingley too right??!!   Oh I know it!    The Ritrovo is a full sim of many locations for hanging out… romantic cuddles… or hot… wet…  steamy … baths….. *chuckles*   I hope you will drop by and visit this great place and meet some new friends and find a barrel of grapes to stomp… this wine isn’t gonna make or drink itself.  The only new thing I’m sporting for my vineyard crawl is this great skin from Tuli.   After all I had to have a new skin with appliers to enjoy the new update for the slink feet and hands.   The new Slink Avatar Enhancement makes skin matching so much easier.  It’s quite frankly heavenly.


Felt The Squish of Grapes Between My Toes Wearing: 

Hair – >TRUTH< Clara –  black & whites

Skin – [:T:] Eva / petal :: Sultry Pack

Eyes – Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Desert Dawn Shadow)

Eyelashes – *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -31- ExtraLong

Dress – *LpD* – *Atena* Dress Pink

Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Casual

Feet – *{ SeVered GarDeN }* RIGGED * NATURAL*BareFeet*

Necklace – n-creation secret key necklace wooden-ivory

Earrings – n-creation white perls earrings

Bracelet – EarthStones Diamond Tennis Bracelet – Platinum

Setting – ~The Ritrovo~


Truer words were never spoken!

Thank you Christopher Robin!!!!

The Ritrovo will be having a grand opening this weekend coming… mark your calendars and come out and enjoy a great new place… You won’t be disappointed!!

~The Ritrovo~ Grand Opening flyer


*raises her glass and toasts you*

If it pleases you… remember I’m your grape loving blogger….

Lavindia J. Fox


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