05 Apr

“I  love sci-fi, computer games. I love any escapes. Give me them  all.” ~
Alexander  Siddig

Sci Fi1

Not exactly sure what this look ended up being.   Maybe just a hot mess.   But when I got this dress it just made me think of star trek.    So I was going for a little sci-fi but who knows…. I’m still getting a feel of the clothes with appliers for the mesh boobies.   I know I like the boobies naked.   The clothes are a work in progress for me.   Takes me a bit to get everything jiggled and situated just so.   HEY kinda like a regular bra.   *slaps her forehead*   How could I expect anything different.    I picked up these boots to pair with my outfit at the Hollywood event and the hair was a Big Boobie Show event find.   Almost forgot… the skin was a find at the Aries – Zodiac event.   I had a great week of shopping .. again.   🙂    Hey!   That’s why I blog.   To show off all my great finds.    I hope you enjoy this “fictional”  look I put together.    Ciao!

Sci Fi2

Viewed The Skys Wearig Rose Colored Monocles?:

Hair – .ploom. Pea – Indecisive

Skin – Essences – Aries 03 *sunkissed*

Monocle – *Epic* Black Cyber-Tech Monocle

Dress – +pe+ Glow Bish-Pink

Boobs – Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts

Boots – **SHINE** Iris Mesh Boots /Black

Collar – ** Bound Collar Black Mamba

Nails – …::: Scrub :::… Fuchsia Nails

Sci Fi3

*strikes a pose and makes V with her fingers*

Oh yeah I’m talented like that!

Til next time… This is


from Earth…



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