New Year Resolutions….

02 Jan

New  Year’s Resolution: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not  encourage them to take up more of my time. ~ James  Agate


Happy New Year Everyone!    It’s that time of year where we all sit back and think about the year gone by.  If you’re anything like me you’ve had a big mixture of good times and not so good times over the past 12 months.   But its the day when we say “out with the old and in with the new”.   Now usually we start making big plans on how we are going to turn our lives around in the new year right?   Resolutions is the name we give to these mass promises to change something or just do better with something else.   I’ve decided this year to resolutely resolve to NOT make any crazed promises to myself.   If I can eat less sugar…. drink less soda…. find my gym shoes.   Well that’s not resolutions.. it’s just IknowIgottas..    Any way… This post is a tribute to all the things we would like to resolve out of our lives usually 🙂    I hope you enjoy.


Resolved To Eat Less Sweet Stuff Wearing….

Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ Veronica Mesh Hair – Browns Pack


Dress – Maitreya Long Jersey Dress

Shoes – N-core COQUETTE Platform “Dark Brown”



Said NO to Alcohol and Smokes While Visiting…

An awesomely nice place for hanging out and interacting with new people is [The Chamber Society].   I’ve visited a few times already and have yet to be disappointed.   They have lots of rooms and settings for any RP adventure you have in mind.    The lounge environment is themed after the movie Eyes Wide Shut.   Beware if you wear a mask you are giving off the message that you are willing to enjoy some no strings sex.    So.   If you haven’t resolved to give that type thing up… Get those masks out!    You won’t be disappointed .   Hope to see you there sometimes.   The group costs 300L to join but it is worth it.   Always willing to spend a little extra to enjoy the hard work others have put into making a great hangout and exciting place to explore your fantasies.


Lastly… I’ve firmly resolved to only allow myself to be tied up physically.. emotionally… mentally to people who are worth the trust and time involved in tying that knot of friendship.   Also I will not allow myself to let my worth be tallied by someone who can’t seem to count above 1.   *dusts off her hands and eases off her soapbox*

May all the days of this new year put a smile on your face and bring you closer and closer to your happily ever after.

The Resolutely Resolved….

Lavindia J. Fox

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