11 Oct

“A truly strong person does not need the approval of others  any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.” ~ Vernon Howard

This is wayyyy late I am well aware.   I have had this lion tucked away in my inventory since the LEO version of the Zodiac function.   I also picked up these great heels at the same time.   Since then I have been seeking out the perfect outfit to complement these great shoes.   Finally!    I found this awesome top at the SWAG Event and knew that I had the key piece of a long overdue post.    Was able to pair the top with some items that have been in my inventory for ages *whispers…pre mesh*.   I had a great time putting this blog post together.   I can only hope that you enjoy reading it too.    My friend Leo, The Jungle King, assures me that you will.   ROAR!!!

Enjoyed a tête-à-tête With The King of the Jungle Wearing:

Hair – *Dura-Boy*37(Irish Coffee)

Skin –  DeeTaleZ Skin Gaby No.3 Early Summer

Eyes – Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Desert Dawn Shadow)

Eyelashes – – DAMNED – Eyelashes

Top – [KAMOURASKA] Yamaska Blouse Leo Noir

Pants – {Gisaci} Journey Tweed Slacks – Black

Pantyhose – BAX Soft Shine Pantyhose Black

Shoes – [HANDverk] Claw Pump.leo

Tattoo – .:CoLL:. Celtic Armband I ~ Upper Tattoo Layer

Earrings – ZC : Sarayi wood hoops *gold

Barcelets – ZC : Ramya wood bangle *gold*

Nails – [MANDALA] takara Nail/ nude gold

Setting – The Pier at Wild Beach

Pose Prop – :+:SS:+: The Lion – Leo Tribute [3 scene pose prop]

Sometimes we take comfort from the words of others and sometimes all we really need is a hug and a compassionate ear.

*hugs her friend Leo and welcomes the still strong comfort of his poised strength*

Here’s to hoping everyone has a great 10/11/12!


I’m …
Lavindia Jewell…

It is known…

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