The Pier at Wild Beach

01 Jun

“Classic rock at heart, yet I do have another side called Alternative.  My characteristics are rock and rollFolk is when I have something to say; rap is when I have a lot to say.  My happiness shines through pop.  I laugh through country, I cry through the blues, I dance through hip hop, and I sing through operaAmbient— my nature, techno— my craziness, R&B— my love life, classical— my relaxation, emo— my anger, and gospel— my religion (which is practiced through reggae, my spirituality).  Jazz is my superficiality.  And for anyone special in my life, tango since two can tango (and they can salsa).  Indie is my unheard of nature (and trust me, I am very often unheard).  Punk is my rebellious self, which sprung through my deep dark secrets in heavy metalAcoustic is when I am best heard, soft rock is when I am best known.  My confusion is trance.  My actions are disco.  Generally, foreign = my nationality.  Renaissance, my history.  And if people ever met me, they’d describe me as rhapsody.  I can be best heard through my characteristics, acoustic rock; be rebellious from my characteristics, punk rock; and be natural because it’s my characteristic, ambient rock.
~I am the music.”

Its Friday night and Second Life will be a fire with exciting events!   But you just don’t want to miss the live music events on schedule tonight at The Pier!    The Pier is an utterly beautiful setting to enjoy some great live artists and meet some great new friends.   The dress is come as you are as always… ummm unless your naked… I’m not sure naked is ok… but heck… just ask!   I’ll be there and I hope you will be too!    See you there!

Take a look at this fabulous line up for today … June 1st!…. Times of course are SL times 🙂

5pm Mandoaa Dragonash

6pm Tone Uriza

7pm Tukso Okey

Also for advance notice since I will be out-of-pocket tomorrow… June 2nd….

The Courtyard will be the place to be for a night of romantic fun and excitement!

3pm Therese Nightfire

4pm Lisa Brune

5pm Gina Stella

6pm Quantamis Navarathna

7pm Acoustic Energy Nitely

“sings a happy tune while she prepares her outfit for the nights events”

As Always….

Lavindia Jewell


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